Union Protests Outside Convention Center — Without an Inflatable Rat!

Carpenters Local 8, which was protesting an "unfair lockout" at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, mixed it up with a giant fat cat instead of a union rat.

Whoa! Carpenters Union Local 8 breaking out the big guns for the protest today. I always appreciate when unions mix it up and go with the “giant fat cat choking a worker” instead of the “terrifying giant inflatable rat.”

Big Sky Balloons created both Scabby the Rat and the fat cat character. The company has a whole line of inflatable protest balloons, including a cockroach, a greedy pig, a skunk, Cerberus and a border patrol agent.

Check out this image from their brochure:

Look, the company even has a snappy pro-union slogan! The enormous 25-foot rat goes for $8,000.

“They have been in hundreds of newspaper articles and even appeared on several T.V. shows such as the Sopranos, Blue Bloods and The Good Wife,” the website says. Carpenters Local 8 has been shut out of the Pennsylvania Convention Center since not signing a new contract in May.