Philly Driver Gets Nasty Note After Parking in Snow Spot

#NoSavesies? 'There's something called common courtesy with snow spots,' reads letter.

With the Philadelphia Police Department trotting out a nearly 15-year-old Internet meme for its #NoSavesies movement, you’d think people would get that you’re not legally allowed to save spots in the snow with a chair or other object.

I mean, the police are even confiscating cones!

That didn’t stop one Philadelphia resident from responding with an angry note when someone parked in what I’m sure was called “my spot.”

I enjoy how the note criticizes the type of car our friend who posted the Instagram is driving, too! This person was so mad he or she couldn’t resist getting an additional dig in. One has to enjoy any letter that opens with, “Hey asshole, there’s something called common courtesy.”

Meanwhile, the campaign continues.

Hopefully temperatures will rise enough soon so that the snow melts. Then everyone can go back to arguing over parking in regular weather instead of in the cold.