Mike Missanelli Suspended for Homophobic Emails

But his radio station says listener was "harassing" him.

97.5 The Fanatic has suspended sports talk host Mike Missanelli, a day after a series of homophobic emails directed at a listener went public. Greater Media Inc., the station’s parent company, has released this statement.

We are aware of the email communications between Mike and one of his listeners.  This individual has been harassing Mike by email for several years, which is cause for concern, and we are working with Mike to try to identify this person and stop the abuse.   However, that does not excuse Mike’s conduct.  The content of his emails is unacceptable and does not reflect our values as a company.  Mike has been suspended and understands that future similar conduct will not be tolerated.

Until now, no one had confirmed that the emails were definitely legit. Now we know, and now we shall all hold our collective breath for Missanelli’s inevitable on-air apology, at which point we shall all analyze how sincere it appeared to be. Fun times!