WATCH: Jeopardy! Contestants Don’t Know Where the Schuylkill Is

Question about the River of the Year turns out to be a triple-stumper.

Jeopardy! contestants are among the smartest people on television. And, once qualifying for Jeopardy! — something I failed to do — these incredibly smart people study beforehand and brush up on weaknesses.

But, despite recently being named Pennsylvania’s River of the Year for consecutive years, the Schuylkill River remains a mystery to these very smart people. The Jeopardy! Clue Crew did a whole round from Valley Forge on Monday night, and one clue was a triple-stumper.

Apparently the Schuylkill is not a famous-enough river to be known by these contestants. Which makes sense! Even around here it’s best known for rowboats and being the namesake of a highway that’s more frequently a parking lot. Alex Trebek, though, looked kind of troubled no one got it.

But it was a nice little treat for viewers in Philadelphia: One of the most fun parts of watching Jeopardy! is when you know the answer and none of the contestants do. On Monday night, Philadelphians were able to scream at their TV as the three contestants got this question increasingly wrong each time. Thanks, Jeopardy! producers! I’m hoping for a “Spell Schuylkill” clue any day now.

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