Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has a PA Connection

Also: See who he picked in this weekend's Eagles game.

Rob Ford, hoser that he may be, has always seemed more like an American Tea Party politician than anyone from urbane, cosmopolitan Toronto. So it makes sense that he learned to play football–not Canadian rules, presumably–in Pennsylvania.

Turns out ford actually learned to play football from a group of Redskins players at a football camp at Shippensburg when he was 16:

“When I was 16, 17, 18, I went to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and Dave Butz and Joe Jacobie, and Russ Grimm and Jeff Bostic—all the boys were down there. Dexter Manley and Charles Mann, Dave Butz, like I said, Rich Milot, Neil Olkewicz, all those guys. I love them, and that’s when you guys won the bowl that year, and it was amazing.

Shippensburg! Oh but it doesn’t stop there. Now that he’s apparently a regular on a D.C. sports radio show (Torontoans must love that), he also makes NFL picks now. I have no doubt this guy is a legendary NFL bettor. So who does he think will win this weekend’s Eagles-Lions game? That’s right–the Birds!