McNabb Fires Back Against Bullying Allegations

"For me to bully anybody, that sounds unbelievable."

On Tuesday, former Eagles offensive lineman Shawn Andrews accused Donovan McNabb of bullying him and questioning his sexuality. Yesterday, in an interview with the Inky’s Mike Sielski, McNabb tried to throw cold water on the accusation.

“Does this seem kind of odd that all of a sudden my name would pop up in a situation like this?” McNabb said. “I haven’t played with Shawn in years. I haven’t said anything bad. It’s odd to me because again, my name is a lightning rod anytime it’s mentioned. If there were issues that were going on, wouldn’t that have come out? “I don’t believe bullying answers anything. I’m really taken aback by this whole accusation.

Andrews stood by his statement: “I did it for my freaking conscience, man. The normal thing to do is deny it, especially if I was in that position. So many people are coming at me, defending him because of his superstar status, but they didn’t work with him.” McNabb bully? Or McNabb scapegoat? Either way, yay for the Eagles finding their way into the biggest NFL story of the year. [Inquirer]