Philadelphia’s Hottest New Trend: Death Cafes?

Dark roasts only.

Newsworks flags a new trend sweeping the Philadelphia region–Death cafes! From the Meetup (yes, death cafes are being advertised on Meetup) description.

“We adopt the European “salon” model of Death Café: free-flowing conversation around the topic of death-from-any-angle. Openness is the only pre-requisite. Typically we break out into smaller groups of 4-5 people to keep the conversations intimate.”

Tonight, if you’re interested, the most morbid coffeeshop in town will be the Penn Saxbys, at 40th and Locust. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Have fun! Or not. (Helpfully, Newsworks also informs us that today is National Psychotherapy Awareness Day.)