Ex-Penn Prof. Rafael Robb Is Still Deluded

Seven years ago, ex-Penn economics professor Rafael Robb beat his wife, Ellen Gregory Robb, to death with a metal bar. Then, he staged a break-in to cover it up. Today, he thinks he should be let go because “there is nothing” to suggest he’s a violent man. From Sunday’s Inky:

“I did deserve parole. I felt what the parole board did was wrong,” he said.

Robb, of course, is referring to the board’s decision to keep him in prison, which he says was influenced by his wife’s brothers (“brazen liars, in Robb’s words) and county officials who lobbied the board regarding Robb’s case.

Callous, yes, but not totally without remorse. Robb did indicate regretting his wife’s death, saying she “wasn’t threatening or a danger.” He also, however, said the she was a terrible mother—which, of course, you punish by imposing financial embargoes:

Money became the tool he used to retaliate against her for not being the mother he thought she should have been. “She wouldn’t take care of Olivia,” Robb said. “I wouldn’t buy her what she wanted.”

That, of course, escalated to Ellen’s murder:

“I guess I raised my voice. I guess she pushed me,” he said. “I got so enraged. I wasn’t thinking. . . . Instead of appreciating the fact that I was trying to take care of Olivia, she yells at me.”

Which, naturally, would remain unsolved, if not for Robb’s apparent gracious confession:

“If I did not step up to the plate and confess to what I did, they had absolutely no evidence against me,” Robb said.

Judging by these quotes, rehabilitation has not been on Robb’s roster during his time in the pen. Megalomania 101, though, he’s got on lock down. [Philly.com]