Philly Beware: New York’s Bike Share Off to Semi-Dangerous Start

Less than a week since New York City kicked off its socialist 100% privately funded CitiBike bikeshare program, a non-law-abiding bicyclist has been hit by a vehicle.

Police say the cyclist was riding at MacDougal Street and Houston Street early Thursday afternoon when he tried to beat a light. He was struck by an SUV, which had a green light, according to police. Police say the rider flew over the hood of the car and hit the windshield. His injuries are not believed to be serious.

This information should not be used as an argument against cycling, or bikeshares. There will be novice and/or irresponsible bikers, but they are overwhelmingly the exception, not the rule. What this should be, is a reminder that this argument, in favor of different traffic laws for bikers, is badly flawed. [NY1]