Tonight: PGMC’s Big Broadway Sing Starring Cashetta

Plus: Ogle Philadelphia's first charm bracelet made entirely of papier-mâché food and more!

Over-the-top female impersonator Cashetta has performed all over the country — from Vegas to Florida to Rehoboth — but would you believe a lady with such a track record has never performed in Philly? That’s just ridiculous and it’s about to change.

This week, the singer/comic/magician/psychic reader is joining Philadelphia’s Gay Men’s Chorus (PGMC) for their latest concert, “Big Broadway Sing.” The show — if you haven’t guessed already — will feature a mélange of popular showtunes sung by Philly’s favorite gay songbirds. For her part, Cashetta will portray some of Broadway’s most iconic female characters, singing songs as Elphaba (Wicked), Maria von Trapp (The Sound of Music) and Annie (duh).

In a press release sent around by PGMC, she explains that this kind of show is like second nature to her: “When I was a kid, I would go to Broadway shows, then put my mother’s clothes on and stand on top of a console TV set and recreate the shows on my own. The fun parts were always the girl parts because they got the guys, and they had better costumes!” I can totally relate, honey!

“Big Broadway Sing” plays tonight through Saturday at 8 p.m. at Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion (2110 Chestnut St.) Tickets ($35-$55) can be purchased online at