Australian Web Series Portrays the Funny/Serious Side of Grindr

The Grindr Guide delves into the private lives of Sydney's hook-up app community.

Any web series that is both about Grindr and produced in Australia is bound to be sexy and quirk-tastic, and The Grindr Guide is definitely both of those things. But the production, which “delves into the private lives of Sydney’s Grindr users,” takes on some serious issues, too — like racism, self-esteem and sexual health.

In an article on Queerty, director Damien Dunstan talks about his reasons for creating the series, and some surprising revelations that sprung up during the filming process. “Grindr has the reputation of being a hook-up app, and I wanted to see how justified that stigma is. … What we actually found is that people are using Grindr for all kinds of reasons: we followed guys who use Grindr to make friends; those who use it as a starting point for more traditional dating; and of course, there’s a significant portion that do use it purely for casual sex.”

Coincidentally, there’s an article in the spring issue of G Philly in which one writer talks about using Grindr not only as a hook-up app, but as a means of making business-world connections, too. Look for it when the issue hits stands this Thursday and check out the debut of The Grindr Guide above. You can see the rest of the episodes on the web series’ YouTube page.

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