FBI Busting Doors and Taking Names in Bob Menendez Prostitute Story

It all seems like so long ago now, that the conservative Daily Caller website attempted to pull an October surprise, just before the election, alleging that Senator Bob Mendendez (D-NJ) had been sleeping with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Menendez denied, the story seemed spurious anyways, and people in New Jersey were a little more concerned with the dueling forces of the presidential election and Hurricane Sandy to really give a damn.

Well, the story has returned in full force, with news that the F.B.I. has raided the West Palm Beach, Florida business of the man supposedly provided Menendez with his DR trips. He’s reportedly good friends with Menendez, and is a regular campaign contributor. He also owes money to the I.R.S. But his record’s been clean of anything quite this sordid thus far. [Miami Herald]