Make Your Reservations Now: Philly Mag’s 50 Best Restaurants

When I got my first look at Philly Mag’s “50 Best Restaurants,” list, I immediately swore. Not because I vehemently disagreed with anything that made the list (like my foodie friend who actually once uttered the words, “the era of French cuisine is waning,” and who called me in disbelief with “Federal Donuts made the list? Really?”), or because I was jealous that the food guys, Jason Sheehan and Arthur Etchells, got to chomp their way through so many good Philadelphia restaurants. I swore because I haven’t yet eaten at the #1 “best Philadelphia restaurant” on the list. And now, with the full list published and Philadelphians scrambling to try them all (people do this), I figure I can look forward to getting a table there in maybe July, when everyone is hot and gives up and goes to the Shore for the weekend. My suggestion: As you click through the list, have Open Table open in another browser window. Meanwhile, the Philly Post isn’t a food blog, and I’m no food editor, but: Barbuzzo should’ve been much higher on the list. I totally agree with #3. And there’s a pretty good explanation for that Federal Donuts appearance. [50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia]