Cory Booker Has Domain Names Ready to Run for Senator, Governor and President

He shovels massive snowbanks, rescues people from fires, and voluntarily deprives himself of food, but can he pull off the ultimate political feat? Running for Governor and Senator and the same time? According to a report in the Wall Street Journal (paywalled), Booker is pivoting from all that talk of running against his frenemy Chris Christie, and will instead consider challenging the seat currently held by 88 year-old New Jersey stalwart Frank Lautenberg. The New York Observer notes that whatever Booker chooses, he’s prepared. As of 2010, Booker’s owned the rights to,,, and you guessed it, The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, owns and, from the time it sagely agreed with Booker that demonizing Bain Capital was wrong. Because I’m pulling for Cory to run for everything in two years, I’ve gone ahead and bought and [Observer]

Update 5:21 pm: Turns out that just this spring, Booker also nailed down