Celeb Scoop: Watch Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Lindsay Lohan Do the Kevin G Rap From Mean Girls

Plus: Elizabeth Banks says women can be hot and funny, Bam Margera's stalker gave him a herpes scare, Emma Watson has a band, and more of today's celebrity news.

Tina Fey Is Awesome. The Upper Darby native and evil genius behind Mean Girls is featured in this old (but recently leaked) behind-the-scenes clip of Amy Poehler rapping Kevin G’s lines. Lindsay Lohan has her hood up like she’s gangster. Tina Fey wishes she could beatbox. [Gawker]

Elizabeth Banks Blogs? Yeah, she does. The Penn grad recently took to the Internets to remind everyone that women can be hot and funny. [Elizabeth Banks]

Ty Burrell: Mets Fan. Ty Burrell—known for his role as the patriarch of the Dunphy clan on ABC’s Modern Family—is a diehard Mets fan. So, we all have to stop watching the show immediately. Philly law, you guys. [Hollywood Reporter]

Apatow Talks Freaks and Geeks. Haven’t heard of Freaks and Geeks? That’s because NBC canned the show partway through its first season. Why? Because they apparently hate great television, sometimes. Co-creators Judd Apatow and Paul Feig recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the show, why it didn’t succeed and their success since. [EW]

Emma Watson Has a Band. Emma Watson and Logan Lerman formed a band while they were filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower because they have more depth and personality than all of us. Also, they named it Octopus Jam because they’re also cooler than we are. [Vogue UK]

Bam’s Lip Clears Up. Bam Margera says that an outbreak on his lip has cleared up since his run-in with his stalker. The Jackass star played Sleeping Beauty to the stalker’s Prince Charming when she stripped naked, broke into his house, kissed him in his sleep and pleasured herself while he called police. [TMZ]