DO IT: Josh’s Dinner Party

Josh Can't Cook's Josh Schonewolf is raising big bucks for LGBT youth this Friday

Courtesy of “Josh Can’t Cook”

“I had a daydream one day a few months ago,” says Josh Schonewolf, the host of the web series Josh Can’t Cook, “that I should go the extra mile with the Ali Forney Center (AFC). I have volunteered with them for a few years now, and it’s just time to show them that Philly has their back.”

Schonewolf is hosting Josh’s Dinner Party: A Fundraiser for Ali Forney Center (Aug. 31) at Tabu – an event that brings some of this would-be chef’s favorite things together, starting with food.

“Everyone keeps asking me why I didn’t select a Philly-based charity, but I went with AFC because they’re close to my heart,” he says, “and they really are champions for these rejected LGBTQ children, filtering them back into society. And plus, the LGBTQ community doesn’t end in Philly for me. There’s a whole world out there, and this organization just happens to be in New York. But, if this is a success, I have plans for Philly.”

While Schonewolf has made a name for himself by comically showcasing his two left feet in the kitchen, he admits that guests will be happy to know that he won’t actually be cooking at the event. Food will be presented by Chef Lisa Ransing and there will be music by DJ Carl Michaels.

The fundraiser is more than a dinner party. “It starts as a dinner party, morphs into a drag show, then tons of prizes will be given out – Oprah-style,” says Schonewolf. “And then dancing until Tabu turns on the lights.”

Josh’s Dinner Party, Aug. 31, 8:30 p.m., Tabu, 200 South 12th Street.