Phils Score 13 Runs and Still Find a Way to Lose

Plus: Chris Christie helps a kid cut class, Merlino still runs Philly's mob, the PA House of Representatives OKs auction of Foxwoods' casino license, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Chooch Can’t Do It All Himself. The Phils fell to the Braves in 11 innings. The good guys handed Halladay a 6-0 lead, but Doc gave up eight over 5.1 innings. Chooch drove in seven (!) runs before Chipper Jones hit a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 11th to give Atlanta the 15-13 win. Seriously, how can Chipper function without a Hoveround? Luckily for Phils fans, he’s finally retiring at the end of the season. [The 700 Level]

Chris Christie Helps a Kid Cut Class. New Jersey’s governor wrote an excuse note for a student who skipped class to attend Christie’s town hall meeting in Garfield yesterday so he could ask the governor what to do about being bullied by an authority figure. Christie gave the kid some advice and wrote a note on the back of a “reserved seating” card. [Newsworks]

Joey Merlino Still Runs Philly Mob. That’s according to a document filed in a U.S. District Court yesterday. The 21-page document includes details of two conversations recorded by an informant wearing a wire at a New Jersey restaurant in 2010. [Inquirer]

PA House Okays Casino Auction. PA’s State House of Representatives voted yesterday to green-light a state-wide auction for Foxwoods’ casino license. If the bill passes the State Senate, the Gaming Control Board would have the final say on the placement and owners of the new casino. Bidding would start at $65 million. [Inquirer]

Cops ID Chinatown Groper. Police have issued a warrant for 24-year-old Melvin Bulls. They say he’s the guy who was grabbing butts in Chinatown last week. []

Possible Cover-Up in Colwyn Tasing Incident. Colwyn’s mayor has suspended the police chief and three officers as he investigates the possibility of a police cover-up in relation to the alleged tasing of a 17-year-old suspect who was in their custody on April 24th. [NBC Philadelphia]

Philly to Host NCAA Men’s Soccer Championships. Raise your hand if you’re excited to watch collegiate soccer outdoors in Chester in the middle of December. That’s what we thought. Still cool they picked Philly, though. [CBS 3]