Rainbow LOVE at UPenn

An art installation has students in University City talking this week

Yesterday, a new outdoor sculpture was spotted on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. The rainbow-styled LOVE statue (the same LOVE that Robert Indiana designed in 1964 – tilted “O” and all) showed up on College Green as what’s being called a “public art installation,” according to a popular student blog Under the Button. Only this time, it sports the colors of rainbow pride.

Photo Courtesy of Under the Button

And it has students speaking out – but not always in a positive light.

One comment on the blog by someone named Matt Smith says, “I do not like the makeover. I support gay rights and acceptance but you don’t have to go around putting ranbows on everything and ruining public property. Being gay doesn’t give you special rights because some people discriminate against you. What happened to being classy Penn?”

Another comment – this one by Outraged – says, “I don’t think we should be supporting rainbows this way on our campus. Just because you’re refracted light doesn’t make you special or give you special rights. I think we need to do away with prisms on campus and just get rid of refracted light altogether. Rainbows have been parading around for too long, thinking they’re hot shit because they’re a ‘natural phenomenon,’ making all the other singular colors of light feel less than satisfactory. Come on Penn, let’s stay classy and start a campaign to keep rainbows out of our student lives.”

So where is the love, folks? Anyone actually like the art?