A Song About Gay Pirates

Cosmo Jarvis goes where no singer has gone before, matey

We haven’t seen anything quite like this before. Cosmo Jarvis‘ song “Gay Pirates” goes where no gay anthem has gone before – into the swashbuckling world of macho, salty sea dogs. Only this time, the subject of adoration at the center of the controversial love song is the equivalent of Captain Hook.

Pirate jokes? We won’t go there. That could take all day.

But thanks to a quick and dirty reference to “gang rape,” the Jersey-born singer got banned from the radio in the U.K. (WXPN is happy to play it), though the ditty does sound like it could have been inspired by the Mumford & Sons songbook – save all that gay pirating stuff.

The video showcases the 22-year-old’s talents as not only a singer, but also an actor and filmmaker. And while most people haven’t heard much about him on this side of the pond (yet?), he has some big, famous fans abroad, like Stephen Fry, who tweeted the video to his thousands of followers when it first debuted.

We’ll never watch Pirates of the Caribbean the same way again.

Check it out: