9/11 Remembered

The legacy of Mark Bingham

As the world remembers the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11th this weekend, we wanted to pause to remember Mark Bingham, one of the heroes of the United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside that day. Not only was Bingham a gay rugby player, but he’s one of the passengers credited with fighting back against the terrorist hijackers, coining the famous phrase, “Let’s Roll.”

Alice Hoagland, Bingham’s mother, is asking everyone to pledge to do a good deed in honor of the anniversary this weekend as a tribute to her son and other victims of the terrorist attacks. Just visit 911day.org, a project created by the nonprofit MyGoodDeed which supports the September 11 National Day of Service.

“Figure out something important to you,” Hoagland says. “Work in a soup kitchen, send out letters to those who have lost loved ones – anything that has great significance to you, in remembrance.”

Click here for a tribute to Bingham.