Where in the World is Arlene Ackerman?

Plus: an apartment building collapses in South Philly, still no news on Maclin, the Phils lose late, and more of what the city is talking about today

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Arlene Ackerman? She wasn’t at last week’s School Reform Commission meeting. She missed Monday’s press conference addressing the issue of irregular erasure patterns (re: cheating) from a bunch of district schools. And yesterday she was absent from the Superintendent’s 2011 Leadership Conference. Her supporters are convinced a buyout is on the horizon and plan to walk her into work today to pledge their allegiance. [Inquirer]

South Philly Apartment Building Collapses. An apartment building on the 700 block of South 15th Street collapsed last night. It and another like it will have to be demolished. No one was hurt but a car parked outside the building looks like it was hit with a ton of bricks. Oh, that’s right. [CBS 3]

Halladay, Phils Lose Grasp on Game With D-Backs. The Phillies had a 2-1 lead entering the top of the ninth inning thanks to a Shane Victorino home run earlier in the game. Charlie Manuel left Doc in to pitch the ninth and things began to unravel. A Lyle Overbay double scored two Diamondbacks to give them a one-run lead. A Carlos Ruiz lead-off walk to start the bottom of the ninth was squandered when the Phils couldn’t bring him across and lost 3-2. Welp, ya can’t win ’em all. [The 700 Level]

Someone Tried to Firebomb the Fraternal Order of Police Headquarters. Last night, someone threw a flaming object through the front door of the FOP headquarters. The object immediately extinguished on its own and the FOP is fine, but they’re looking for the attempted arsonist. Are you fighting for Irish independence? Are you fending off invading forces from a neighboring communist regime? Are you doing either of those things in a movie? Then put down the Molotov cocktail. [FOX 29]

Still No News on Jeremy Maclin’s Health. Reports surfaced that the Eagles and/or Jeremy Maclin would be publicly addressing the wideout’s health concerns sometime on Monday. Monday has since come and gone, and there’s still no word on his status. His brother insists that he’s fine and expects the public will hear from him sometime today or shortly thereafter. [FOX 29]

Philadelphia Orchestra Rejects President’s Strategic Plan. In letter on a formal “Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians” letterhead (Oh, you fancy, huh?)—signed by about 80 percent of the Orchestra’s musicians—the Philadelphia Orchestra rejected a strategic financial plan laid out by President Allison B. Vulgamore and other management officials. [Inquirer]