Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading the past few days

1. “Q&A: The Man Who Exposed Naked Sexting Photos of Louis Magazzu” by Victor Fiorillo
For Carl B. Johnson—who posted the pics of the now disgraced NJ Democratic Freeholder—is revenge sweet? Read more.

2. “Why Did Remove a Video About That Blonde With Michael Nutter?” by Victor Fiorillo
That’s what we were wondering. Read more.

3. “Best of Philly Party” by HughE Dillon
Photos from Philly Mag’s bash at new event space Vie on North Broad. Read more.

4. “Larry Mendte’s Best (and Worst) of Philly” by Larry Mendte
Chase Utley shines, Buzz Bissinger falls, and the Republican Party fails. Read more.

5. “Philly Has Bigger Problems Than Flash Mobs” by Richard Rys
We can pay for an increased police presence in Center City, but those arrested might never come to trial. Read more.