Bailout for Tastykake?

Plus the measured-by-hoagie snow totals, 20 Philly law firms asked for PHA evidence, Lenny Dykstra's latest antics, one local doc argues against the vaccine-autism link and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Snow Day! The accumulation total is five inches in Philly … and Justin Pizzi called it five inches in Mt. Holly, too, after measuring the snow with a Wawa shortie in the must-watch vid of the day. [NBC 10] Quick link to CBS 3’s school closings here. Meanwhile, the white powder discovered at Center City’s Federal Building yesterday was deemed harmless. []

Bailout for Tastykake? Governor Rendell offered up a state loan of $1 million to the troubled company yesterday. The Scoop thinks someone’s fishing for a lifetime supply of Krimpets after retirement. []

Lenny Dykstra Strikes Again. Not at his housekeeper, who accused him over the weekend of sexual assault. No, he denied that and prosecutors say there’s no evidence. The Scoop’s talking about this Dykstra: “This is a maid. That’s not even worth commenting on, are you kidding me?” [LA Times]

Hey Kids, Vaccines Are Super! CHOP doctor Dr. Paul Offit takes his crusade against the idea that vaccines cause autism to the pages of the Wall Street Journal today. [WSJ] See Philly Mag’s profile of Offit here.

PHA Troubles Ensnare Local Law Firms. Senator Charles Grassley has asked 20, that’s twenty, Philadelphia law firms to report on what they earned working for the PHA under Carl Greene’s tenure. Exactly how many lawyers did this guy need? [Inquirer]

Philly Actors in New York. Philly theater troupe The Beserker Residents are currently performing a show called The Annihilation Point on the Lower East Side, and they’ve received a good review from the Times. [NYT]

Chooch on the Colbert Report! First Ed Rendell, now the Phillies catcher. Well, really, Stephen Colbert just used a photo of Carlos Ruiz on the show. But still. [700 Level]