What Philly Could Learn From Cali

A report filed from the Golden State yields a few great ideas to steal

“It really is impressive, the level of beauty,” nodded my husband, looking around the restaurant of our hotel in Los Angeles, where at 8 o’clock in the morning, no less than four gorgeous, glossy-maned, model-ish girls had just swanned to their tables to sip daintily at herbal tea. Their style was effortless, but surely some work and product must have gone into that long, magnificent hair?

In any event, everything in California seems extra lovely this week. While we can’t replicate the humidity-free weather in Philly, here are two cool ideas we might borrow, at least in the months from April through October:

Landscaping. We can’t grow palm trees, but driving around California makes you suddenly think: Why doesn’t everyone plant 12-foot boxwood hedge and masses of climbing roses, as even the tiniest cottages seem to have here?

Hair. This, I don’t think we can hope to achieve at the level of California Gurls, as Katy Perry would call them. Of course, there are lots of women with beautiful tresses in Philly, but it’s mandatory in California. Thank goodness we’ll be home in a few days, where the humidity will bring us and our hair right back to reality.