McNabb to the 49ers?

That's the latest from one expert. Plus, Arlene Ackerman admits she's clueless, a cool history of the flash mob, and more of what's news this morning

McNabb-o-rama! See Donovan spin. Where will he land? Longtime Eagles beat man Mark Eckel runs through all the options — and says San Francisco makes the most sense. [Philly2Philly]

Specter Holds Hearing Today on Laptop-Gate. Yes, that’s a Senate hearing. Christ. [MyFoxPhilly]

Ackerman: What Didn’t She Know…And Why Didn’t She Know It? The Inky takes a look at the super’s lack of knowledge about including a “diversity” component in admissions to magnet schools. Her explanation might be reasonable, but the general trend here isn’t good. [Inquirer]

A Brief History of the Flash Mob. The Scoop got curious, so we Googled “flash mob” and found this fascinating Q & A about the origins of the flash mob, which started with a single email designed to mock New York scenesters. [Stay Free!]

Philly Tries to Lure Google. The city has sent its application to Google to become a test site for super-duper-magna-ultra-high-speed Internet. Of course, faithful Post readers knew that two weeks ago. [Business Journal, The Philly Post]

Mike Huckabee Endorses Pat Meehan. Of all those crazy conservative wing nuts, he seems like the nicest guy. Just saying.

A Philly Charter School…That Turns Into A Bar At Night. Wow, kind of makes the bake sale seem a little passe.