Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With: Munish Narula

Number of Tiffins by the end of 2010: We’ll have a total of six by the end of summer, and hopefully two more by the end of the year.

Previous chain experience: Prior to getting my MBA at Wharton, I was a Denny’s regional manager.

Preferred non-Indian ethnic food: Thai.

Where you get it: I don’t have a favorite. We need better Thai in Philadelphia.

Whether Thai is your next project: No, more like Indian-Chinese or Indian-Latin. We actually approached Jose Garces about it. My dream would be to work with Jose.

Why you think Jose could pull off Indian: Did you see Iron Chef? He won the Indian round — against a chef of Indian origin who works in an Indian restaurant.

How much it annoyed you that one of your chefs left and opened Ekta just blocks from your flagship: At the time, I thought it was not the right thing, but our sales were actually better last year than when Ekta wasn’t there. Two Indian restaurants on Girard doing well — go figure.