“DROP Lite” for Camille Barnett?

Her eye-popping potential pension. Plus: McNabb to the Raiders (?), Fumo is still in love, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

“DROP Lite” for Outgoing Camille Barnett? Bykofsky says it’s possible she walks away with a $50,000 per year annual pension. Not bad for two years’ work. [Daily News]

McNabb to the Raiders? Crazy, but not impossible, says a Bay Area columnist. [SF Chronicle]

Carolyn and “The Senator.” That’s what Carolyn Zinni still calls Vince Fumo, and they’re still lovebirds (despite Vince being a jailbird). [Inquirer]

Officials Say Haddonfield Student Hackers Were Trying to Change Grades. The Scoop’s daughter says there was an iCarly episode just like this. [Inquirer]

City Unemployment Rate: 11.4%. That’s the highest since 1983. Can’t this recession be over already? [Business Journal]

Nutter Backs Williams for Guv. Dwight Evans endorses him, too. Sorry, Joe Hoeffel. [Politico]

Trashing the Trash Fee. Council proposes a 12 percent property tax hike instead. Isn’t a property tax hike what they rejected last year? [philly.com]