What to Do Tonight

Victor's picks for Monday: Agnostics, vampires and free beer

It’s only fitting that all this rain is rolling in, since this is officially National Water Week, as designated by whomever it is that designates such things. What this means is that when you go to some of your favorite restaurants (actually, all but two are Starr establishments), you’ll be asked to donate $1 towards UNICEF’s various water endeavors for each glass of tap water you receive. That’s right, you’re paying good money to drink Schuylkill Punch. My advice? Order the flat Saratoga and throw UNICEF a buck anyway.

The First Unitarian Church finally gets a real live Christian performer. Well, not quite. Singer-songwriter David Bazan used to be big in the Christian circles thanks to his semi-Christian Seattle band Pedro the Lion. But Pedro broke up, and Bazan, who was once posited as the Christian genre’s only real crossover hope, decided that he was agnostic and launched a solo career, beginning with last year’s debut Curse Your Branches. The critics loved it and its “undercurrent of outrage”. Tickets to the 8 p.m. show are $12.

And for a truly excruciating evening, get over to the Troc, where they’re showing Twilight: New Moon. If you get there before 7 p.m. (the screening supposedly starts at 8 p.m.), the Troc will buy you a free beer and give you a bag of popcorn. And, hey, nothing says you actually have to watch the movie. You could just go drink a free beer, have a few handfuls of popcorn, and carry on with the rest of your night.

Speaking of free: It’s Sing For Your Life Karaoke at the Khyber, where drinks are very nearly free and the karaoke is low-maintenance and fun; and it’s service industry night (aka SIN) at Chris’s. If you work in a restaurant, you don’t have to pay a cover, there’s a live band, and they’re always giving away free stuff… wings, crawfish, bourbon, t-shirts. And one more freebie: Eastern State Penitentiary is currently free on Mondays. No word on how long that’s going to last. –Victor Fiorillo

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