Sweat Test: Sculpt at Lithe

Should you do it or ditch it? We try area classes so you don’t have to waste time — or money! — on workouts that don’t make the grade

What we want: To turn our generally soft-all-over body into a generally ripped-all-over body.

What we tried: The Lithe Method
’s 7:15pm Tuesday Sculpt class in Center City

Who was teaching: Carrie Gero

Student/teacher ratio when we dropped by:

Lockers/Showers: Lovely ones. They’re clean, they’re pretty, they smell nice. We hardly even feel the need to wear flip-flops in the showers.

What we loved:
That in a single hour we knocked out both cardio and full-body strength training. The arm and ab work on the mat and the leg and butt work at the studio’s ballet barre is done at such a pace that the entire workout becomes a two-birds-with-one-stone kinda thing. We also loved that Lithe’s teachers always take time to correct form and offer modifications in mixed-level classes—which means better results faster.

Did we sweat?: Um, yes. And took breaks to wipe it off. And apologized to our quads. And moved at the speed of a senior citizen the next day.

Do it or ditch it:
Totally do it. It’s a fantastic workout and the atmosphere of the group setting is completely motivating. Just one catch: To attend a regular Lithe class like Sculpt, you’ll need to take the intro class Lithe 101 or take a private session. Or if you really want to see how Lithe’s cheerleading-/dance-/Pilates-derived moves can change your body, sign up for Method’s three-week, six-class Immersion program. You’ll build up your strength and endurance, and learn all the Lithe lingo, before jumping in.

Weigh in: Have you tried Lithe? Tell us what you thought! And if you have a class you loved or hated, let us know. We could run your Sweat Test in an upcoming newsletter.

One class, $20 in the city, $30 in Ardmore; new client intro, $45 for three classes; Immersion (6 classes over 3 weeks), $150. Lithe Method Rittenhouse, 255 S. 17th Street, 4th floor; Lithe Method Northern Liberties, 1030 N. 2nd Street, #401; Lithe Method Ardmore, 200 Montgomery Avenue; 215-545-5144, lithemethod.com.