Breaking: Main Line Gets a Lithe

Suburbanites no longer have to trek to the city to fit into their skinny jeans

Almost anyone who’s ever uttered the words “I need to get in shape” to an in-the-know city friend has gotten back the single-syllable answer that’s eliminated many a stubborn saddle bag or post-baby belly: Lithe. Lithe Method, the genius of former USC cheerleader Lauren Boggi, is a combo of Pilates, barre work, light weights, bands, and other small equipment. And now, Main Liners don’t have to drive miles to get the toned, flexible bodies they’ve seen their Philly friends sporting.

Boggi’s third studio opened in mid-March in Ardmore (the other two spots are in Center City and NoLibs) and classes are already filling up. The same roster of hurt-the-next-day classes are being offered—think “Short Shorts,” “Skinny Jeans,” and “Fat-Free”— and the same set of make-ya-work-till-ya-cry instructors rotate among the three Lithe locations.

The major difference from Boggi’s city spots? Ardmore’s pricing is a bit higher because the studio is smaller and classes are capped at 10. But that means more personal attention. And because Boggi set up her new studio at Dr. Louis P. Bucky’s office (, you can plan on getting a facial, Botox or some other plastic treatment if those crunches aren’t doing it fast enough for you.

200 West Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore

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