Health: Get Long and Lean — Without Lipo

Voorhees' Versa Fit Studio has a machine that promises to whittle those hips and tone those thighs — all without going under the knife

Summer is coming and if your backside is anything but beach ready, there may
be a better option — read: cheaper and less painful! — than going under the
knife. Voorhees’ newest gym, Versa Fit Studio, boasts the Europe-born VacuStep, a machine that promises to smooth away cellulite, and tighten and firm hips and thighs with results comparable to lipo.

We’ll admit, the VacuStep looks a bit odd — it’s basically an elliptical housed inside an enclosure. The enclosure supports a wrap that fastens around your tummy, butt and thighs. It acts as a vacuum and directly activates the blood vessels to boost circulation to the outer layers of skin tissue. The claim? This helps burn fat, eliminate dimples, and tone and tighten skin in your problem areas better than any other workout. Of course, the key to maximizing results is sticking with the routine: four to five 30-minute sessions each week.

Is it better than lipo? Well, it’s certainly less expensive (and a lot less dangerous). It’ll run you $200 for a one-month package — lipo starts around $1,500 — and there’s no recovery time. Our final weigh-in? It’s worth a try. It might save you a few thousand dollars — and a lot of pain.