Get On the Bus

Why does Philadelphia need 6,000 city-owned vehicles? Our man went looking for answers (on foot)

Philadelphia needs to get out of the car business for good. If reassigning 200 take-home cars and dumping a couple hundred more will save $2.3 million, then getting rid of at least 1,000 non-essential vehicles should pump around $10 million or so back into the city. You’d certainly have enough to keep those pools and libraries open. Maybe even get your street plowed after a snowstorm.
Here’s how to figure out if you get to keep your car. If there’s a blizzard and KYW tells anyone with a non-essential vehicle to stay home, and you don’t go to work? Time to start reading AutoTrader. For the Council people and the judges and the administrators and everyone else with taxpayer-paid wheels — a computer is a tool. A pen is a tool. Your city car is a perk. Hell, these days, just keeping one’s job is a perk. It’s time to focus on that paycheck you’re still getting. Now, hand over the keys.