Visionary: Creg Oosterhart

The dashing principal of Creg Richard Design shares a few of his favorite things

“As a self-taught designer, if I had to have a bible, this collection would be it.” Domus 1928-1999, Volumes 1-12, $560 at Barnes & Noble, multiple locations,

“I designed these leatherette chairs for Jayson Grossberg’s Alphabet Soup to be broad and comfy, so guests would linger. I kept a few with letters that represent important people in my life.”

“There’s just something about the way you walk in a cowboy boot. They’re classic Americana and everyone seems to be comfortable in them, even though they’re anguish to break in at first.”

“Everything is applied on these Absolut bottles by John Planas—glitter, gemstones, different types of paint. I love color, and I just think they’re funky and cool. I received them as
gifts, so if anyone else wants to contribute to the collection …”

“These walnut-topped mid-century tables are on a perfect scale and seem to fit a myriad of needs. I got them in Paris, and they can even transcend that mid-century look to be used traditionally or transitionally.”

 “This chandelier really commands the space in my dining room. It’s classic and bronze and French in a room where the other pieces are modern, but it’s like artwork—it stands on its own.”