Projects: Bedtime Stories

Six ways to make your king-size bed day-dreamy

At six-plus feet in length and width, a king-size bed
is both seductively roomy and dastardly to dress up. We asked
Ashton-Whyte owner Ellen Yazujian—a linens expert and bed-maker extraordinaire—to help us turn a potentially yawn-inducing rectangle into a cozy, creative spot made up for stylish slumber.

Making the Bed

1. Size
Buy bedroom furniture in a matching scale. A tiny bedside table or a four-drawer dresser will make your king look bigger than it is.

2. Color
“Avoid continuous color,” says Yazujian. Mix two or three patterns or textures—silk and matte or pinstripes and polka dots.

3. Pillows
A sea of pillows flowing halfway down the bed feels, if you’ll pardon the pun, tired. “Plus, you have to find a place to put all of them every night,” says Yazujian. Instead, layer a pair of European squares behind two king sleeping pillows and a few petite decorative puffs.

4. Blankets
Spreading a duvet over the entire bed looks super-comfy,
but for a cleaner, crisper look, layer a cotton coverlet over the top sheet to “make” the bed, and keep your comforter folded in half or thirds at the foot of the bed.

5. Accessories
When choosing a bedside table, play with shapes. If your headboard has square edges, opt for a rounder sidekick. A table with taller legs will make the space around a heavy wood headboard seem airy. Or, skip the table all together: Yazujian sometimes subs in a simple rattan basket, where you can hide magazines, reading glasses, books, crossword puzzles.

6. Lighting
“It’s important to pay attention here,” Yazujian says. “Instead of
glaring overhead lights, great lamps create a cozy mood. You want to come into an inviting bedroom at night.”