Health: Rollerblading: Get In-Line

Naysayers might think rollerblading should stay in the ‘90s, but there’s nothing uncool about a toned back and thighs

Mentioning rollerblades usually triggers a dizzying flashback to the days of brightly colored spandex, oversized sweaters and big hair. But wait, those days are here again — and if the fashions can come back in style, so can the fitness!

With temperatures starting to climb toward the 50s, forgo the claustrophobic gym and take your blades for a spin along Kelly Drive. In-line skating offers many of the same benefits as running, but without the wear and tear on your joints and back. It’s low impact, so if you have bad knees or are recovering from an injury, you can build muscle in your glutes and quads without pounding the pavement. Plus rollerblading can burn up to 800 calories an hour — which can make shopping for a swim suit a little more fun!

If you’ve got a pair of old-school florescent-pink and -yellow blades gathering dust in the garage, now’s the best time to trade up for trendier skates (which now look a little less ski-boot and a little more sneaker). Sports Authority has marked down many of their in-line skates by about 40 percent and are offering free shipping. So nab a pair and get on out there — Spring is almost here!