Judy Who?

I consider myself to be a “cool” person. I know the names of obscure bands, I wear Chuck Taylors, and I can even quote Dave Chappelle until the cows come home.  But I can’t figure out how or why I knew absolutely nothing about Philly-born comedian Judy Toll. Toll came up in the era of Jim Carrey (back when he was James Carrey) and Robin Williams and even co-wrote the hit play Casual Sex?, which was translated to the big screen by producer Ivan Reitman. At the top of her game, she brought laughs as an HBO exec on Curb Your Enthusiasm and was a creative consultant for Sex and the City. She was even a member of acclaimed LA-based improv group, The Groundlings.

Upon her death in 2002 from a battle with cancer, Toll had worked on over a dozen network shows and gave a thousand live performances. Correct your mistake of overlooking the woman Kathy Griffin calls one of the funniest people she’s ever met by viewing the amazingly hearfelt documentary celebrating the life and love of one of the best to ever come out of our dear city. Gary Toll, who created the documentary about his sister, will be answering questions and speaking prior to the engagement.

Judy Toll: The Funniest Woman You’ve Never Heard Of, Jan. 7th, 7 p.m., The Gershman Y, 401 S. Broad St., $7 to $10.