AC Now: Holy Beauty Trinity

There is a whole lot your skin could do without. That Long Island iced tea, for example. Or that expired blush. (Not to mention those ciggies.) You probably don’t even need that $350 night cream you bought when you realized you no longer were getting carded at the state store. Still, there’s a minimum of maintenance any face requires: a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Lush understands this essential, three-part care, and just this week launched “Skincare Starter Kits,” available in a very à propos trifecta of varieties: normal to dry, combination and normal to oily. It’s a simple regime, and comes in a small-enough-for-your-overnight-bag package. So, no excuses.

Lush, The Pier at Caesars, 1 Atlantic Ocean, 609-345-5733;