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January 2022 Issue


Be Well Philly

I Found Zen 57 Stories Above the City With the Seasons of Chakras Massage

This treatment at Philly’s luxe Four Seasons Hotel will take you to your happy place, no matter where your happy place is.

Life & Style

How One Designer Created a California Oasis Right in the Heart of South Philly

Drawing on the owners’ Los Angeles ties, designer Ashli Mizell brought an elevated-but-relaxed aesthetic to this four-story Italian Market new build.

Life & Style

4 Buzzy Philadelphia Style Arrivals to Be on Top of Right Now

From Nancy Volpe Beringer’s online boutique to Bryce Harper’s re-opened barbershop speakeasy.

Life & Style

Fashion Designer Si Fan Zhao on Making Clothing That’s Both Trendy and Timeless

The owner of Old City boutique Founder Alliance STS uses environmentally friendly fabrics to create garments that feel special no matter where you’re wearing them.

Life & Style

Why Low-Rise Jeans Should Definitely Be Left in the ’90s

Louder for the people in the back. Nobody wants this fashion comeback.