The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend



Between Kentucky Derby festivities, Brauhaus Schmitz’s Maifest and the South Street Spring Festival, there is no shortage of excuses to be out and about this weekend. But before you start pre-gaming for tomorrow’s Philly Taco Eating contest, remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day, and you’ll want to be just as prepared to celebrate your mom as you are to stuff a pizza-wrapped cheesesteak down your gullet. Rain or shine, farmer’s markets are on tomorrow for Fitler Square, Rittenhouse Square, Clark Park, Chestnut Hill, and Bryn Mawr, and Headhouse is a go for Sunday. Asparagus, greens, rhubarb, and radishes are abundant, so stock up and cook something nice for yourself or your mom.

Strawberry Plants – Get to market early and you might see a few early season strawberries, especially from growers in South Jersey and Delaware, but you’ll definitely find hanging baskets of strawberry plants. Something green, with pretty flowers now and, soon, sweet fruit? One of these might be the perfect gift. Look for them at AT Buzby Farm at Headhouse.

Edible Flowers – Cooking brunch? Spice up even the most basic of green salads with a scattering of edible flower petals from Brogue Hydroponics at Fitler Square. The begonias are juicy, primroses are mild and colorful, and nasturtiums are peppery, like arugula.

Lilacs – These sweet-smelling blooms have a very short season, but an unmistakable aroma of springtime. Bring your mom an armful of them and you can do no wrong. Look for them from Queen’s Farm and Weavers Way Farm.

Cookies – Considering the number of times your mom likely made cookies for you, it’s past time to return the favor. Stop by Rittenhouse Square tomorrow to pick up Flour & Oats Artisan Cookies, locally made in Chester Springs. Sea salt caramel snickerdoodles, salty and sweet sesame cookies, or the pretzel-peanut butter-caramel combo of their PB & More cookies are sure to put a smile on your mom’s face.

Vegetable Starts – If your mom is an avid gardener, local farmers markets are fantastic places to find vegetables beyond the usual offerings that you’ll see at most garden center locations. Heirloom tomato seedlings, hard-to-find pepper varieties, unusual eggplants, and special cucumbers; all of the above and more are flooding the tables at farmer’s markets at the moment. Plus, the growers offering them are a great resource to help you narrow down your purchase to vegetables to suit your taste that will work best in your, or your mom’s, growing conditions.