La Colombe Gets Scientific with the Geographical Society and Monell Chemical Sciences Center

What happens when La Colombe CEO and host of the Travel Channel series Dangerous Grounds, Todd Carmichael, two scientists from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia get together for a night? A completely elevated coffee tasting experience. And Science.

This Thursday, March 31st at La Colombe’s flagship location at 1335 Frankford Avenue is Dark and Stormy, a special event that explains why 100 million Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day by looking at the science behind the drink, including the sensory experiences we have with our daily cup(s) of joe.

The night will begin with Todd Carmichael sharing the story of his latest quest for the perfect coffee bean followed by Monell Center scientists Joel Mainland and Casey Trimmer explaining the science of the flavor, aroma, and defining bitterness of coffee.

There will then be a handful of interactive demonstrations that answer questions like how our brains process the various aromas of coffee, why each of us taste brews differently, and why adding a little salt to your coffee could make a difference in flavor you wouldn’t expect.

Throughout the night, you can also enjoy a variety of foods from the La Colombe menu and taste a selection of coffee, rum, wine, and beer.

General admission is $75 per person, which includes food, drinks, and a gift bag; the Coffee Adventurers ticket is $125 per person and includes food and drink, a private master coffee tasting, your name in a program booklet, a gift bag, and a contribution to the Geographical Society’s world exploration programming as well as Monell’s research on anosmia, loss of smell.

You can get your ticket for Dark and Stormy here.

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