It’s Time for Back to the Future Day

Time will host an 80's themed Back to the Future Party this Wednesday in celebration of the classic movie

Since October 21, 2015, was the day Marty McFly arrived when he time-traveled in Back to the Future II, I’m sure most of us are pretty disappointed there are no real hoverboards or flying cars yet in 2015.

So, to make our presence in the future a little bit cooler, Time Restaurant, located at 1315 Sansom Street, is throwing a Back to the Future Party this Wednesday, packed with 80’s nostalgia and even better stuff than what the movie predicted.

From 9pm-1am, the 80’s inspired cover band Clock Radio will be performing in the restaurant’s venue, playing plenty of classic hits you’ll most likely know all the words to.

Time will also have a variety of 80’s inspired drinks like “wine coolers” and other fun cocktails including:

The Flux Capacitor, made with gin, cherry brandy, house-made grenadine, pineapple, lime, Triple Sec, Benedictine and Angostura.

1.21 Gigawatt’s, made with white whisky, Blue Curacao, lemon and Sprite.

The Doc & Marty (AKA The Twin Pines), a combination of a shot and a beer served side by side.

And not to mention, the best part of the 80’s celebration will be the classic DeLorean you can take selfies with – yes there will be a real, DeLorean parked in front of Time, which is almost as cool as an actual flying car.

The party will run from 9pm-1am.

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