What You’ll Be Eating at Pope Fest

pope-stage-1-940x540Our intrepid reporter HughE Dillon was on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway while preparations continue to be made for the Pope’s visit this weekend. Along the way, HughE snapped this shot of the food and drink menu for the weekend at 20th and the Parkway.

There aren’t any cheesesteaks on the menu but there is a Philly flair with Federal Street Soft Pretzels ($3), Italian hoagies ($9) and Italian sausages ($7). Not bad prices, especially when compared to the $5, 20-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola. As HughE points out, that’s a dollar more than Made in America. Also worth noting, no alcohol for sale.


Logan Square Cafe (200 North 18th Street) at Sister Cities Park is also open for business 24-hours, starting on Friday at 8 a.m. The cafe is offering personal pizzas for $10, lunch box (sandwich and chips) for $10 and a barbecue pork sandwich for $8. The cafe will also offer Sweetbox cupcakes.