The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


If you want to eat locally grown food while you shelter-in-place during the Pope’s visit, now’s your chance. Several area farmer’s markets including Rittenhouse, Headhouse, Fitler Square, Overbrook, and the Common Ground market will not be happening next weekend, and even for the markets that are scheduled as planned, it’s anybody’s guess as to how things will play out. Not sure what’s happening with yours? Check in with Farm to City and The Food Trust. That way you can plan a staycation filled with local food to feed your own family during the World Meeting of Families.

Pawpaws – An indigenous fruit that looks a little something like a small, green mango, the tropical flavor of these custardy fruits is uncanny. The season is short and seems to be ending when it has hardly begun, but snatch some up this weekend should you find these fruits. Livengood Produce will be bringing the last of their supply to the Bryn Mawr market.

Salad Greens & Kale – Cooler weather and that bout of rain from a few weeks ago has meant the return to market of greens, robust and tender, alike. Collard greens, dandelion, mizuna, and many, many different kinds of kale. Don’t pretend as though you weren’t happy to see them, too.

Apples Galore – Kiss the peaches and nectarines goodbye for another year, folks! The apples are officially taking center stage. September Wonder Fujis, Cortlands, Swiss Arlets, Honeycrisp, and Royalty apples are taking over the fruit tables at markets all over, squeezing out all the last of the remaining plums and even other fall favorites like grapes.

Tomatoes – Yes, they’re still here with us—gorgeous heirlooms, colorful cherries, and sturdy sauce tomatoes—but consider this a warning that they won’t be for long. The plants are worn out and so are the people, plus, growers this time of year must turn their attention to sowing seeds for the spinach and other fall crops that we’ll be eating come October and November. Enjoy the tomatoes to their fullest while you can, because the season is beginning to wane.

Garlic – The first of this summer’s garlic is done curing to its papery finish! Yes, it’s more pricey than the supermarket stuff, but you won’t be able to argue with these firm cloves and their intense flavor. Check it out at Taproot Farm (Chestnut Hill) and Lavender Hill Farm (Bryn Mawr).