Brigantessa Adds Amaro Flights To The Menu

Multiple types of amari.

With Beer Week only two weeks behind us, it is fair to take a little break from the stuff. The beauty of alcohol (well, one of the many beauties) is that there is always something else to try.

To those unfamiliar with amaro, here’s a little introduction: consumed daily in Italy, it is a digestivo, a post-meal digestive to settle the stomach and mind after an indulgent meal.  Kind of the Italian way to celebrate the fact that you were able to consume that pile of pasta like such a champion (cheers to that), and keep you full and relaxed for the rest of the night. Different regions have their own version of amaro, but all serve the same post-dinner, celebratory purpose.

Over at Brigantessa, owners Francis Cratil-Cretarola and Joe Cicala are now offering four flights of amari inspired by their trips to Italy, each showcasing a different region.

The menu will now feature:

Volo Meridionale (southern amari) $15

Amaro del Capo

from Calabria, with herbs, quinine, cola nut and citrus

Amaro Lucano

from Basilicata, with citrus, sweetness and bitter herb

Amaro Averna

from Sicilia, sweet with herbs, citrus and caramel

Volo Settentrionale (northern amari) $16

Amaro Nonino

from Friuli, a grappa-based amaro with saffron, gentian and chinchona

Amaro Sibona

from Piedmonte, with rhubarb, orange peel and cloves

Fernet Branca

from Lombardia, dry, with menthol, eucalyptus, myrrh and rhubarb

Volo Nazionale (amari from across the country) $15

Amaro Meletti

from Marchè, with orange peel, chocolate and florals

Amaro Montenegro

from Emilia Romagna, with vanilla, clove and orange peel

Branca Menta

from Lombardia, with peppermint, rhubarb and saffron

Volo Artigianale (artisanal amari) for $17

Amaro dell’Erborista

from Marchè, with gentian, rhubarb and honey

Amaro d’Erbe Nina

from Veneto, with mint, orange and fennel

Fernet Angelico

from Switzerland, bone dry with saffron, gentian and anise

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