Art, Architecture, Food Trucks And Beer Coming To The Oval

French company Saint-Gobain sponsoring a beer garden and food truck pop-up to accompany their traveling exhibition.

Pavilion 3, "The Stuff of Dreams."

Pavilion 3, “The Stuff of Dreams.”

Saint-Gobain, a Parisian building materials company, will be traveling the globe this summer to commemorate their 350th anniversary with an installation exhibition (like you do). Philadelphia, the only stop in North America, will host the event from May 30th to June 6th at The Oval (2451 Benjamin Franklin Parkway).

And right about now, you’re asking, “So why should I care about this?” And the answer is, because there will be beer. And food trucks. And art and whimsy and wonder, of course. But mostly beer.

The installation, entitled “Future Sensations,” boasts five architectural light-up pavilions that each echo one of the senses, and will be free to all visitors. The company describes these as ephemeral, immersive experiences that combine art, architecture, science, and innovation.

To add to the art, Saint-Gobain will be sponsoring a pop-up beer garden offering selections from Yards Brewing Company that are meant to celebrate the company’s French roots. Throughout the week, they will also be hosting some of Philly’s favorite food trucks. To, you know, go with the beer.

The garden’s hours will be:

Saturday May 30th: 12 pm – 10 pm
Sunday, May 31st: 12 pm – 7 pm
Monday, June 1st: CLOSED
Tuesday June 2nd- Friday June 5th: 5 pm – 10 pm
Saturday, June 6th: 12 pm – 10 pm
The food trucks will open every day at 12 pm, and remain open until the exhibit closes each night. And honestly, there’s gonna be a LOT of really good food trucks stopping by, so this is worth paying attention to. The schedule for the week will be:
Food Truck Schedule for "Future Sensations."

Food Truck Schedule for “Future Sensations.”

To sum up: we’re looking at beer + snacks + art. Makes sense.
Saint-Gobain [Official]