A Sure Sign Of Spring: Celebrate Spargelfest at Brahaus Schmitz

Happy Spargelfest

Happy Spargelfest

Okay, so I think we can all agree that spring is officially here, right? And with spring comes asparagus.

People do crazy things for asparagus. Food legend has it that one English asparagus enthusiast wanted to consume his asparagus as quickly after he picked it as possible, so he developed a Rube-Goldberg-esque contraption that picked asparagus and flung it into a pot of boiling water (that he had set up in his garden) within seconds of it leaving the ground.

The Germans really like their asparagus (or, “spargel,” which often actually is used to specifically refer to the white asparagus that is grown underground and thus does not photosynthesize and turn green) too, so to celebrate the beginning of spargel season (and spring), Brauhaus Schmitz is once again hosting Spargelfest all throughout May.

The seasonal Spargelfest dishes will include white asparagus with hollandaise sauce; asparagus and ramp soup with sautéed morel mushrooms; white asparagus salad with frisee, cherry tomatoes and aged gouda vinaigrette; roasted white asparagus with porcini mushroom butter and almonds; chicken cutlets stuffed with white asparagus, spinach and parmesan in a white wine cream sauce; and spaetzle with asparagus, aged gouda and ramp-hazelnut pesto.

You can make a reservation during Spargelfest by callingthe restaurant at 267-909-8814 or visiting Brauhaus Schmitz online.

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