Now Open: Shenanigans In Kensington

The Port Richmond bar has expanded.

Shenanigans Saloon, in Port Richmond, has expanded to Fishtown Kensington (OK, they’re calling it Fishtown, upon further inspection, it’s Kensington). Despite having a name like “Shenanigans.”

The new bar (named, we should stress, Shenanigans by presumably responsible grown ups who actually want people to go there) replaced the Masonic Lodge at 1624 North Front Street.

Owner Patrick Murray completely renovated the building, using recycled and repurposed materials. What’s really cool about that is the entire second floor of the bar was laid using the original flooring from UPenn’s Palestra basketball court, and the window frames are constructed out of old TLA Video shelves.

If the name Shenanigans doesn’t steer you away (and it should, because Shenanigans is the kind of name that ought to be given to an 18-and-under rollerskating rink, not a bar where grown-ass adults might have to call spouses or potential business partners and say something like, “I’m at Shenanigans right now, Bob, but I can meet you to discuss those important business documents in the morning.”), you can check out their menu daily from 11 am until midnight, which serves up made-to-order Boardwalk style fries, chicken spring rolls and a variety of burgers, like the Nutter Burger with peanut butter, bacon and Nutella.

They offer 18 beers on draft and happy hour specials from 4 pm to 6 pm Monday through Friday. Also, the place is really called Shenanigans, in case we haven’t already made that clear.

Shenanigans Saloon [Official]