The Foodnited States Of America

A father and his son recreate the states in food.


Everyone loves a good food pun. You know, like “Orange you glad to see me?” or “I don’t want to taco ’bout it.”

Okay, so maybe they’re lame. But here’s some literal food puns that have people excited.

Chris Durso of Foodiggity started a photo series with his eight-year-old son called The Foodnited States of America. In each photo, they recreate one state out of food. So far, the father-and-son duo are halfway through their project, with 25 states done, like Kaleifornia, Pretzelvania and Georgianzola. And while obviously Pretzelvania is by far the best shot in the series, we’re also pretty big fans of…


You can follow the progress on Foodiggity’s Instagram or check out the hashtag #FoodnitedStates.

The Foodnited States Of America [Foodiggity]