Blindfolded Wine Dinner At Vintage Grille

Maybe you’ve watched “Eyes Wide Shut” and found yourself intrigued. Or you and the missus need to throw a dash of spice into the ole’ bedroom. Whatever your motivation, lead your spouse, girlfriend, mistress, furry to Vintage Grille in Doylestown Wednesday night at 7 pm for a blindfolded wine dinner.

Yes, you and everyone else in the dining room will be feasting in the pitch dark, wearing blindfolds. Sounds mischievously Bacchanalian, doesn’t it?

For $59.95 per person (plus tax and tip), you and your date will savor five courses, each paired with wine. You won’t know what you’re eating or drinking but the chef and servers will describe each course to give it some context.

“We’ll talk about the region the grape comes from without telling them what wine they’re drinking,” says GM Doris McCarney. “Then we’ll ask them what they think they’re drinking. This heightens your senses, heightens your taste and heightens your smell.”

You’ll be seated at communal tables and McCarney practically guarantees you’ll leave with some new friends — not that you’ll recognize them if you run into them later.

Vintage Grille [official]