Blue Moon Acres Farm to Host Farm-to-Table Dinner Experience

Winter Root Vegetables Will Be One Star of the Pop Up Dinner

Winter root vegetables will be one of the star ingredients at the pop up dinner

On Thursday, Feb. 12, Blue Moon Acres Farm Market and Highland Dinner Club are collaborating to serve a four course, farm-to-table pop-up dinner.  The meal will feature Blue Moon Acres locally sourced produce, and will be held at the market’s location in Pennington, NJ.

Never heard of the Highland Dinner Club? That’s ok. Neither had we.

Highland Dinner Club‘s executive chef Benjamin Walker explains the company as, “a hybrid dinner club and culinary experience.” Walker believes that eating should be a collaborative and social process, and describes the dinners he orchestrates as “experiments” rather than catering. He explains that HDC is, “able to take liberties. It’s a flexible business model. Unlike a restaurant with very demanding requirements around how many customers they’re turning a night, we don’t really operate under that constraint.”

While the menu for the dinner has not been finalized, it will certainly feature Blue Moon Acres’ signature, freshly husked arborio rice, which Walker describes as “fantastic.” The meal will also likely include “wild-caught, sustainably sourced, sushi grade fish” from Otolith sustainable seafood.

So, if you’re down for a hybrid dinner experiment-slash-culinary-experience and collaborative social process, now you know where to go. The four course meal is $90 a person, and reservations can be made online or by calling (609)737-8333.

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